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Airtel Offers free upgrade to 2Mbps to Watch IPL

Airtel offers free upgrade to 2Mbps Internet connection speed for free to watch IPL 2010.  Thi supdate will be availabe only when you access read more here.. If you are a user who have a bandwidth limitation be carefu... [More]

Safari Version 4.05 released with 16 Vulnerabilities fixed

Apple released its famous browser safari version 4.0.5 with 16 Vulnerabilities fixed. Read about the security issues here. In these 16 15 are newly disclosed while one is revealed last year, it was patched for MAC last year this time they patched it ... [More]

PayPal India is asking for PAN card Number

When i logged in to my PayPal account to day first thing opened up is a request to enter Mobile number and a PAN (Permanent Account Number). You may bypass this screen by clicking on the PayPal Logo if you want to skip it . After entering these... [More]

New YouTube Application for Nokia and Windows phones

Google yesterday announced a new YouTube application version 2.4 for Nokia s60 phones and Windows phones. Latest features are 1. Search query suggestions 2. My Account support 3. new home screen user interface that is optimized for larger scr... [More]