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Free MyGreenPC Premium account - Remote pc access service

MyGreenPC is a service that will allow people to access their PC remotely. This software can power-on the the PCs from the complete shutdown. After creating an account, it will take just 2 or 3 minutes to setup PC remote access.. key features of MyG... [More]

Opera advertisement - Hitler Finds Out About Opera 10.60

  Hitler thinks that Chrome, his favorite browser, is the fastest. But he is about to discover that he is wrong, and his generals will experience his wrath! [This is not an Official Opera Advertisement] Hitler who is developing the chrome bro... [More]

Free Fresh RAM full version license worth $14.99

Fresh Ram is a utility to optimize the usage of the RAm and increasing the performance of your computer. What Is Fresh RAM?   If you're like most of us, after a while your computer starts behaving like the über drunk guy at your cousin's w... [More]

Opera 10.60 released with more speed and Security

Opera released latest stable version of its browser. This build includes the following things 1.  Geolocation 2. WebM 3.  New HTML5 elements 4. Bing search engine (Google already there) 5. Live Search Suggestions 6. New c... [More]