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Please support Earth Hour

Today 27th March is Earth Hour. You are requested to turn off all the electric lights on your Home or Office for one hour from 8.30PM to support this. Earth Hour is organized by WWF. With almost 5 million supporters and a global network in over 1... [More]

Programming Windows Phone 7 Series Guides

You can get two free eBooks for the Windows Phone 7 Series Guides. 1. Programming Windows Phone 7 Series By Charles Petzold. Charles Petzold is a MVP, and the chapters covering on this books are Chapter 1:   Phone Hardware + Your Soft... [More]

Cool collection of free social media icons

Here are some cool social media icons which you can download for free. Click on the title and download from the corresponding page. 1. +180 Massive Minimalistic Icon set     2. Free Social Media Icons: Tricons   3. 2.0 Style So... [More]